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Inclusion – the main topic of the Erasmus Days in Croatia


#Erasmusdays 2021

Many Erasmus beneficiaries have joined so far the celebration of the Erasmus Days in Croatia to present their experiences and motivate others to join the programme. Primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, adult education institutions, youth organisations and others entered their activities on the event map. Many events this year will be held face-to-face, such as workshops with children, lectures and exhibitions. One of the most frequent topics is social inclusion, which has been recognised as one of the core values of the Erasmus+ programme. However, other topics, such as ecology, are also represented.

The Economic and Tourism School Daruvar will hold a series of workshops on the topic of inclusion titled “It has to start with me”. In the first part, we will focus on recognizing stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination, labelling, differences and tolerance, and then there will be workshops aimed at raising awareness of the similarities and differences among us that define us, how to handle stereotypes, and in the end, students will make creative posters about what they have learned.

The Kindergarten Rijeka will implement workshops with children from ages 3 to 7. The activities will explore the connection between artistic activities and scientific literacy, natural materials and natural phenomena. They will study them and design a tool for exploring phenomena. The workshops will include two groups of children with fewer opportunities.
The Lumen Association will hold the event as part of the final activity of Youth Exchange mPowerArt. The participants of the project will, together with high school students, local artists and volunteers, create street art pieces to promote inclusion and European values. They will also present the ERASMUS+ programme and opportunities for young people.

In the Secondary School Maruševec a new Erasmus+ project will be presented to the students and they will be encouraged to participate, their questions and doubts will be answered and previous Erasmus experiences will be presented to them, all in an informal setting over a cup of coffee.
Local Action Group Vallis Colapis, which gathers 14 rural towns and municipalities of Karlovac and Zagreb County, will use online platforms to present Erasmus experiences and projects for the youth. With the project “Look Behind the Veil!” they want to improve the skills of youth workers in the field of social inclusion, and the international two-year project “Cities of YOUth” encourages the involvement of young people in the development of tourism infrastructure.

The Secondary School Čakovec will use Erasmus Days to convey to the citizens of Čakovec and its surrounding areas how the Erasmus+ programme has changed the school for the better. With the help of Erasmus, they have improved the quality of teaching, especially through the participation of teachers in job shadowing, and Erasmus has also significantly contributed to the motivation of students.
The Croatian National Agency for the implementation of the Erasmus+ programme, the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes provides support to all those who want to participate in the celebration of the Erasmus Days !