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Planning on participating in the #ErasmusDays? Whether you’re a former beneficiary of Erasmus+, a teacher or trainer, a professional with an interest in international skills development, or simply a citizen who values intercultural exchange, this is your chance to get involved and make Europe shine!

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All those involved in Erasmus+ projects within the sectors of education, training, youth and sports are encouraged to organise events: digital or physical, big or small, during the #ErasmusDays. These events may showcase ongoing projects and also foster new partnerships at a local, national, European, and even international level.

Getting started is simple! Choose the activity you’d like to organise and register it on this website. This ensures that your event will be visible on the website and also via social media platforms using the #ErasmusDays hashtag.

All types of events and activities are welcome, be creative! Choose from seminars, exhibitions, fairs, concerts, flash mobs and online conferences. Whether you’re organizing, attending, or sharing your experience, there’s an activity for everyone.

Share your story: connect to social media and talk about your Erasmus+ experience using the hashtag #ErasmusDays.
Attend events: seek out local or online #ErasmusDays events to expand your horizons and engage with others who share a passion for international mobility.