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Organizing an #ErasmusDays event

Get ready to join!

#ErasmusDays have become an annual highlight of the European calendar, showcasing the impact and importance of the Erasmus+ programme.
Why organize an #ErasmusDays event?

Celebrating European unity:
Participating in #ErasmusDays is much more than just organizing an event; it is about celebrating the spirit of European unity. By joining thousands of others across the continent, you are part of a collective movement that champions the values of cooperation, diversity and inclusion.

Amplify your impact:
Organizing an #ErasmusDays event provides a platform to amplify your impact. Whether you are a university, a youth organization, a school, a high school or even a professional education establishment, these days offer the opportunity to present your projects, initiatives and successes on the European scene. This is an opportunity to shine a light on your work and inspire others to get involved.

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One of the biggest benefits of attending #ErasmusDays is the opportunity to make connections. Whether it’s forging new partnerships, collaborating with other organizations or simply connecting with like-minded people, these days provide an opportunity to expand your network and build meaningful relationships across the world. beyond borders.

Promote visibility and recognition:
Organizing an #ErasmusDays event can also improve the visibility and recognition of your organization or institution. By aligning yourself with this widely recognized initiative, you not only raise awareness of your work but also position yourself as a leader in the field of education, training and youth development.

Inspire Change:
Ultimately, organizing an #ErasmusDays event is about inspiring change. Whether sparking conversations about the importance of international mobility, promoting the benefits of lifelong learning, or advocating for policies supporting education and youth empowerment, these days provide a platform to drive positive change in your community and beyond.

Organizing an #ErasmusDays event is a powerful way to show your commitment to European cooperation, celebrate your achievements and inspire others to join the movement. Start planning your event today and be a part of this celebration!