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Celebrating Erasmus+

Embracing Sport and European Unity

The #ErasmusDays have become an annual must-attend event celebrating the successes of the Erasmus+ program across Europe. Since their inauguration in 2017, these days have highlighted the benefits of education, training, mobility, and European cooperation.

The #ErasmusDays provide a platform where all stakeholders of the Erasmus+ program can organize digital or physical events. These events take various forms, such as seminars to exchange best practices, photo exhibitions to illustrate mobility experiences, conferences on the opportunities offered by Erasmus+, or social media challenges to stimulate engagement and creativity.

It’s an opportunity for participants to share their experiences, establish partnerships with foreign organizations, and promote the values of inclusion and diversity advocated by the Erasmus+ program.

This year, we continue this momentum with a specific theme focused on sports, in harmony with the Olympic Games taking place in Paris in 2024. The general tagline for #ErasmusDays 2024 remains true to the spirit of the event: “6 days to make Europe shine!” This phrase embodies our ambition to create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere throughout the week.

For the sports theme, we have chosen the following tagline: “Ready, steady, go!” This phrase not only evokes the excitement of sports competitions but also the departure towards new experiences, both physical and intellectual, inherent to the Erasmus+ program.

We strongly encourage participants to organize events integrating this sports theme, emphasizing the values of fair play, inclusion, and cultural exchange that sports convey. Rectors are invited to support and promote these initiatives within their respective institutions.

#ErasmusDays 2024 will take place from October 14 to 19, 2024. We rely on the participation of everyone to make this event a collective success, once again demonstrating the tangible benefits of the Erasmus+ program for youth, education, and European citizenship.