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The #ErasmusDays are an international six-day celebration of the Erasmus+ programme. During these days, people throughout the world are invited to come together and either organise or participate at events that celebrate the projects and opportunities proposed by Erasmus+. For students, teachers, trainers, professionals and more generally, all citizens, the #ErasmusDays represent a unique moment to promote the multitude of benefits that result from the programme.


During the #ErasmusDays, all those involved in the Erasmus+ programme are invited to organise digital and/or physical events. These events may take various forms, such as seminars to share best practices, multilingual sessions to improve conversation skills, photo exhibitions to illustrate mobility experiences, conferences to promote intercultural opportunities, or social media challenges to simply encourage engagement and creativity.

This year, one of the highlights of our event is sports, echoing the spirit of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris. The thrill that can be found in a global competition, can also be found with Erasmus+, a programme that brings everyone together around new and collective experiences.

Don’t miss out! No matter, if you want to study or train abroad, engage with Erasmus+ alumni, or simply share your European experiences and commitment, the #ErasmusDays, provides a platform for concrete and positive action. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Erasmus+, fostering collaboration, and embracing diversity!


Discover the festive atmosphere of the #ErasmusDays and be inspired!

In 2023, a total of 9,635 events took place in 53 countries, showcasing the programme’s widespread impact. Whether you’re an Erasmus+ beneficiary, learning or working within an educational/training structure or an alumnus of the programme, the #ErasmusDays offer you the opportunity to share your experience.