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Discover the dedicated social media challenge for the #ErasmusDays, an opportunity to share your Erasmus+ experiences with the entire world! Here’s an overview of what awaits you!

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This challenge aims to promote and create a buzz around your experiences and projects with Erasmus+. It also offers an opportunity to share your creativity and enthusiasm!

Creative content

This challenge is open to everyone and is therefore completely free in its format and content. The only obligation is to use the common hashtag – #ErasmusDaysChallenge. Everyone is encouraged to unleash their creativity and then simply sign their post with the hashtag #ErasmusDaysChallenge.

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Video content: share a retrospective video of your most memorable Erasmus+ moments or create a short video sharing testimonials and unforgettable memories
  • Photo content: post an emblematic photo of your Erasmus+ experience with a captivating caption describing the context or create a series of photos illustrating the diversity of places visited during your Erasmus+ experience
  • Testimonial: record short audio testimonials to accompany your photos and videos, or use photo captions to write about how each destination broadened your view of the world.

The challenge can also take the form of a social media trend, like “I did Erasmus+, of course, I…”

Get ready to include this challenge with your preparations for #ErasmusDays. The official launch of the challenge will take place in September, stay tuned!

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