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Created in 2017, the #ErasmusDays have since become an annual European celebration for citizens and stakeholders in the sectors of education, training, youth and sport. 

Find out the results and achievements of previous editions of the #ErasmusDays.

#ErasmusDays - Report 2023


The 2023 edition of #ErasmusDays embraced a new format and took place over a period of six days, from October 9th to 14th. This reorganization provided organizers with more flexibility to plan their activities, thus adapting more easily to the school calendars of the various countries involved. Alongside this, a completely redesigned graphic charter was unveiled. More dynamic and colorful, aimed at encouraging participation in the festivities! The #ErasmusDays 2023 demonstrated a significant expansion in participation and engagement with a growing number of events organized worldwide.

#ErasmusDays - Report 2022


In line with the 35th anniversary of the program and the European Year of Youth which took place in 2022, the theme of the event was "Sharing our European values, with the youth of today and tomorrow: for 35 years now and many more to come". Three days of events, meetings, and exchanges were organized throughout Europe and beyond. The impact assessment highlights the numerous benefits of international mobility for individuals and institutions.

#ErasmusDays - Report 2021


The #ErasmusDays 2021 were a celebration of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration, thus strengthening the ties between Erasmus+ program partners. The impact report underscores the crucial importance of international mobility in building bridges between cultures and knowledge.

#ErasmusDays - Report 2020


The 2020 edition of #ErasmusDays was marked by an innovative transition to virtual events in response to the challenges posed by the global pandemic. Despite the restrictions, this year was characterized by strong online participation and inspiring testimonies about the benefits of international mobility.

#ErasmusDays - Report 2019


The #ErasmusDays 2019 were a celebration of diversity, exchange, and open-mindedness. This edition strengthened transnational ties and encouraged the ongoing exploration of new learning and collaboration opportunities.

#ErasmusDays - Report 2018


The #ErasmusDays in 2018 marked the beginning of a tradition dedicated to celebrating international mobility and cultural diversity. The impact assessment bears witness to the enthusiasm and commitment of participants worldwide. This year laid the foundations for a global community united by a passion for international education.

#ErasmusDays - Report 2017


The year of the launch of #ErasmusDays on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ program. The starting point of a visionary initiative aimed at promoting international mobility and intercultural dialogue. This first edition was the catalyst for a series of events and achievements to celebrate the Erasmus+ program and planted the seeds for future exponential growth.