from 9 to 14 October 2023
6 days of celebration of the Erasmus+ programme

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from October 13 - 2023

Erasmus Global Day

Esic University

Conference, presentation, round table

Tags: Citizenship / civic engagement, Other

Avenida de Valdenigriales s/n
28223, Pozuelo de Alarcon

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from October 10 - 2023

Conozcamos las energías renovables

Colegio San Vicente de Paúl

Meeting, open house, exhibition

Online conference, webinar, Facebook live

Testimonies, meetings, open house

Tags: Ecology

Rambla s/n
30204, Cartagena

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from October 10 - 2023

Celebrate Europe!

CEIP de Pràctiques

Other event

Tags: Culture & heritage

Carretera de Valldemossa 15
07010, Palma

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from October 09 - 2023

VUCA World – let’s grow together

Priv. MS Oberland - SFGL

Meeting, open house, exhibition

Tags: Ecology, Other

Siedlung 2
6713, Ludesch

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from October 09 - 2023 to October 10 - 2023 to October 11 - 2023 to October 12 - 2023 to October 13 - 2023 to October 14 - 2023

Vora Mar in Europe

Escola Vora Mar

Meeting, open house, exhibition

Tags: Culture & heritage, Inclusion & diversity

Carrer Maria Castillo, 11
43840, Salou

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from October 12 - 2023

Erasmus Days na SOŠ pro EU

Střední odborná škola pro administrativu Evropské unie, Praha 9, Lipí 1911

Meeting, open house, exhibition

Tags: Other

Lipí 1911
193 00, Praha 20

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from October 10 - 2023

ERASMUS day in Karvina – Karvina for ERASMUS+.

Karvina Sustainably, z. s.

Meeting, open house, exhibition

Tags: Citizenship / civic engagement, Ecology

Park Boženy Němcové
73401, Karviná

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from October 09 - 2023

Erasmus @GKH

Gymnázium Havířov-Město, Komenského 2, příspěvková organizace

Conference, presentation, round table

Meeting, open house, exhibition

Tags: Digital competencies ans literacy

Komenského 2
73601, Havířov

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