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Czechs are ready for the #ErasmusDays!

More than 60 schools and other organisations in the Czech Republic have jumped on the #ErasmusDays bandwagon this year. They are excited to share their experience with the Erasmus+ programme. 

The events will take place across the country as nearly every region is participating in the campaign. While some have decided to focus on virtual activities, many are planning to host live events. And their scope is extensive, ranging from presentations, round-tables and discussions, workshops, photo exhibitions, flag parades and the like to more creative ideas such as music and theatre performances, sport competitions, culture nights with traditional cuisine or crafting.

Here is our pick of a few noteworthy events:

Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem will kick-start the academic year with a music festival and Erasmus Talks.

Jubilejní Masarykova elementary school and kindergarten in Třinec will invite local press to their sports event, where children will compete in various traditional sport games.

Secondary vocational school in Třemošnice will offer a welding course to selected students.

National Film Museum (NaFilM) in Prague invites visitors to explore the rich history of the film industry in an interactive way.

– Teachers and children from the Kindergarten At The Castle in Třebíč will immerse themselves into the Swedish culture as they will learn some Swedish words, dance to ABBA songs, bake kanelbullar (cinnamon buns), learn about the royal family and make a crown for the king.

– Environmental organisation Hnutí Brontosaurus from Brno invites young people to participate in a weekend trip, where they will help at an eco-centre garden and eat delicious vegan food.

The Czech Republic first joined the #ErasmusDays celebrations in 2018 and the initiative quickly became very popular. Last year, over 130 events were held across the country.