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Stredni odborna skola podnikatelska s.r.o.

Jezero Most, city Most, Czechia

Pionýrů, Most 1, Czechia

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Stredni odborna skola podnikatelska s.r.o.

Our project is called Sustainability as a demand. We are planning Erasmus+ mobility from 14th to 19th October 2024 with Portuguese VET school in Czechia and we want to clean the area in city Most around the lake Most (ecological sustainability). We will open this event for all participants of the project (35 students) and also to the public (family members, friends, students, teachers, public, etc.) everyone in every age is more than welcome from 0-99 years. We want to share this event also with Czech initiative called Uklidme Cesko (Lets clean the Czechia) and post later the report to their webpages. So the effort will then become part of our collective mission for a cleaner environment. Also we are planning to plant new bushes and trees around our school regarding to our project sustainability topic. We are planning to involve approximately 100 people in this event.