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Sportovní Gymnázium Kladno

School´s lobby

Plzeňská 3103, Kladno 1-Kročehlavy, Česko

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Sportovní Gymnázium Kladno

An open day about the Erasmus+ Programme for our students and teachers, but also (and mainly) for all schools in neighbourhood, who would like to find out more about this programme. There will be 3 main areas of interest covered: a) information for students how to take part in Erasmus+ b) information for teachers how to take part in Erasmus+ c) a lecture/presentation for other schools management workers (or English teachers), who would like to know how to start the Erasmus+ programme in their school and how to get a grant for it We are planning to set 2-3 stands where our teachers and students provide information about their experience with Erasmus+. There will be also a school snack bar available for participiants.