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Erasmus+ Unveiled by SenzaConfini APS

Conference Hall

Via Agostino Oldoini, La Spezia, SP, Italia

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Erasmus+ Unveiled by SenzaConfini APS

A Celebration of Education, Exchange, and Empowerment

Target Audience: Current and prospective Erasmus+ participants (students, educators, youth workers, etc.) Educational institutions, youth organizations, and sports bodies General public interested in international education and cultural exchange

  • Interactive Panels
    Feature presentations by Erasmus+ alumni from diverse backgrounds sharing their experiences – how the program impacted their education, career, and personal development.
  • Success Stories Booth:
    Showcase success stories of Erasmus+ funded projects through interactive displays and presentations by participating organizations. This could include student exchange programs, vocational training initiatives, or youth exchange projects.
  • Live Q&A Session:
    Erasmus+ representatives and program alumni will answer questions from the audience about application procedures, funding opportunities, and the overall program experience.
  • Cultural Performances:
    Highlight the cultural exchange aspect of Erasmus+ by featuring traditional music, dance, or artistic performances from participating countries.
  • Information Booths: Representatives from National Erasmus+ Agencies and participating institutions will be available to answer questions and provide application guidance. Photo Booth with Erasmus+ Backdrop: Create a fun and engaging space for attendees to capture memories of the event and share them on social media using a designated hashtag.
  • Networking Lunch/Coffee Break: Facilitate interaction and relationship building among attendees and program stakeholders. Overall Tone: Informative and inspiring Celebratory and inclusive Interactive and engaging Expected Outcome: Increased awareness of Erasmus+ program opportunities and its impact. Generate interest in program participation among students, educators, and organizations. Foster a sense of community and connection among past, present, and future Erasmus+ beneficiaries.
  • Publicity: Utilize social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to promote the event using the designated hashtag. Partner with educational institutions and youth organizations to reach target audience through their channels. Issue press releases to local media outlets. This event format can be adapted based on available resources and space. The key objective is to create a dynamic and engaging experience that showcases the transformative power of the Erasmus+ program.