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Obchodná akadémia, Ul. Kálmána Kittenbergera Levice

Obchodná akadémia

Kalmána Kittenbergera, Levice, Slovakia

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Obchodná akadémia, Ul. Kálmána Kittenbergera Levice

Café Erasmus + Days event will be held at Obchodná akadémia Levice. In the corridors of the school, will be organized a photo exhibition from the ERASMUS+ project mobilities in which our former students participated. In the “Café Erasmus+” event, where will be introduced the Erasmus+ program and its goals will be presented as well as what its completion brings to young people. During the presentations, the students will also complete a knowledge quiz about Erasmus+ program in the Kahoot, and our former students who took part in the Erasmus+ projects will share their experiences with the Erasmus+ projects they had completed during their studies at our school. Students will taste tasty cakes from different European countries and with a fragrant cup of coffee while taking part in these activities.