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Mendel University in brno

Face to face event

Zemědělská 1, Brno-sever-Černá Pole, Česko

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Mendel University in brno

Mendel University (MENDELU) is organising a vibrant face-to-face meeting to bring together international exchange students and MENDELU students for a day of teamwork and fun. The event is designed to promote understanding and collaboration between students from diverse backgrounds through a series of interactive games and informational sessions. In collaboration with MENDELU ESN, there will be a series of games organized in mixed teams consisting of both international exchange students and MENDELU students. These games will be themed around knowledge of the European Union (EU) and the Erasmus program, aiming to entertain and inform the participants. The friendly competition will foster a spirit of teamwork and allow students to engage with each other in a fun and relaxed environment. Between the games, there will be informational sessions where students can learn about the Erasmus+ program and the specific opportunities for the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility that MENDELU offers. Additionally, the event features presentations by international exchange students about their home universities. These talks will be an excellent opportunity for MENDELU students to learn about different educational systems and cultures directly from their peers. It also allows the visiting students to share aspects of their home countries and universities.