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Europe and me – Liceo N. Machiavelli, Roma

Roma, Villa Torlonia,

Via Nomentana, 70, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome Capital, Italy

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Europe and me – Liceo N. Machiavelli, Roma

Inspired by the publication “Europe and Me” from the EU’s Publications Office, teachers and older students are organizing a team-based tournament for students in a public park in Rome. The event aims at educating, entertaining and  fostering camaraderie among students from different classes.

  • Prerequisites: Students should have read “Europe and Me” in class.
  • Objectives: Raise awareness of EU topics. Welcome first-year students. Provide engaging activities related to the EU and the Erasmus+ Program. Encourage outdoor physical activities. Strengthen English language skills. Use QR codes for challenges. Raise public awareness of the EU and Erasmus+.
  • Participants: Around 90 students.
  • Challenges: EU quiz, Flag Game, Capitals relay, Rights and duties game, Art and monuments challenge, Sing the Ode to Joy, Erasmus+ Interview, Coordination exercises.
  • Prize: A gadget from the school’s Erasmus+ project for each winning team member