from October 15- 2021

Let’s celebrate!

IISS "Salvatore Pugliatti"

School education

Film projection

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Tags: Culture & heritage, Distance learning

Start time: 11:00 End time: 12:00

Instituto d'Instruzione Secondaria Superiore (I.I.S.S.)"Salvatore Puliatti" from Taormina/Italy and Peiramatiko Gymnasio Panepistimiou Patron (PGPP) from Patras/Hellas will celebrate online their common Erasmus+ project "Kulturkiosk goes Festival". The Greek Team will also have the opportunity to get informed about "Glad gastronomy languages art and discovery", the 2nd Erasmus+ project of the Italian School. Both Schools are going to prepare small videos using the Spark Adobe Video App, which will be presented to each other through WEBEX.

Event venue

IISS Pugliatti

Via Arancio
98039, Taormina