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IMT Atlantique Brest Campus

Avenue du Technopôle, Plouzané, France

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IMT Atlantique

Informational Workshops and/or Webinars : Workshops on Erasmus+ Opportunities: Provide information about the various opportunities available under the Erasmus+ program Cultural Exchange Activities : Food Festivals: A food festival with dishes from different Erasmus+ countries, allowing participants to taste and learn about various cuisines. Interactive and Social Events : Networking Events: Create networking opportunities for past, current, and future Erasmus+ participants to share experiences and build connections between incoming and outgoing Erasmus+ students Promotional Campaigns : Social Media Campaigns: Using hashtags like #ErasmusDays to promote events and share participant stories on social media platforms on IMT Atlantique social network platforms. By implementing a mix of these activities, we will create a dynamic and engaging Erasmus Days celebration that raises awareness, fosters cultural exchange, and highlights the benefits of the Erasmus+ program.