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HAK1 Salzburg

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Johann-Brunauer-Straße 4, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

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HAK1 Salzburg

We will be organising an Erasmus+ presentation and an Awards Day. During this event, the Erasmus+ programme will be presented and this year’s participants will share their experiences. At the beginning, the headmaster of our school will welcome everyone present. Afterwards, the organiser of the project will give an overview of Erasmus+ and introduce it to those who are not yet familiar with it and explain its benefits. The main part and highlight of the event will be a presentation by this year’s Erasmus+ participants, who will create atmosphere and interest with personal stories and recordings. Our entertaining blog (https://hak1worksabroad.at) will also be presented. The official part of the event will be the presentation of the Europass Mobility documents to the 29 participants of this year’s Erasmus+ project. This will be followed by a buffet, which is primarily intended to encourage dialogue between interested parties and participants. The majority of the event will be held in German.