from October 11 - 2023

Txomin Aresti is ON!

Txomin Aresti HLHI

School education

Testimonies, meetings, open house

Tags: Citizenship / civic engagement, Digital competencies and literacy, Ecology, Inclusion & diversity

Start time: 09:00 End time: 16:00

Txomin Aresti school is ON an Erasmus program, and we want the educational community to be aware of it. Teachers, students, non-teaching staff and families are invited to get involved in this amazing Erasmus+ project that is about to start. We will use the Erasmus corner at school; our students will write words on it related to the objectives of our project, such us diversity, green transition, digital transformation, democratic values, European identity.. There will be a photocall so it will be open to Europe through our site and social media.

Event venue

Iparragirre etorbidea, 76

Txomin Aresti HLHI
48940, Leioa