from October 09 - 2023 to October 10 - 2023 to October 12 - 2023 to October 13 - 2023


Polo Liceale "L.Illuminati"

School education

Testimonies, meetings, open house

Tags: Citizenship / civic engagement, Inclusion & diversity

Start time: 09:00 End time: 17:00

Our school community believes in Internationalization and Intercultural Competence and wants to give them real meaning engaging with its local community through a variety of initiatives and activities. Students will take part in round-table discussions and in a big street music event to share their Erasmus+ KA1 experience. Classroom workshops will be held to promote European identity and active citizenship. Teachers will be involved in an eTwinning initial training programme. Glocal Cooperation is the key to our future and to well-being.

Event venue

Polo Liceale "L.Illuminati"

Piazza Illuminati,1
64032, Atri