from October 09 - 2023 to October 10 - 2023 to October 11 - 2023 to October 12 - 2023 to October 13 - 2023

Personalised paths towards the acquisition of hard and soft skills.

Arangoya Ikastetxea

Higher education

Conference, presentation, round table

Online conference, webinar, Facebook live

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Start time: 10:15 End time: 11:15

This activity will be deployed from 9 October 2023 to 13 October 2023 and it intends to raise awareness in our nearby surroungings (families, students, teachers' team and immediate local area) about the benefits of Erasmus activities. Contacting local media and organising a carefully planned schedule that brings experts and Erasmus students alike into the classroom, Arangoya school community will explore the acquisition of skills from a personalised angle. In fact, both hard and soft skills are a must to succeed at Higher education and at work

Event venue

Arangoya Ikastetxea

Ercilla 18
48009, Bilbao