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Take part in the #GuessWherasmus challenge !


A few days before our #ErasmusDays, we invite you to take up the #GuessWherasmus challenge on social networks to encourage communication about the Erasmus+ program and its opportunities.

The principle

The idea is simple: get your contacts to guess the destination of your Erasmus+ exchange… past, present or even future! It must be visual, with your contacts guessing thanks to an image of an iconic place, or that indicate cultural or linguistic clues (e.g. traffic signs, work environment, signposts…).

When ?

From October 3, until #ErasmusDays (October 13, 14, 15) and of course afterwards !

Where ?

On the following social networks: Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook.

How to ?

Follow the dance in this video (moves described below) and most importantly, have fun!
Music : Sugarsweet
Duration: 20-30 seconds

Get started !

If you are not currently on Erasmus+ and wish to upload a picture of your destination, make sure your picture is ready in your gallery, in a vertical format.

  1. Click on the + to create new content. On Tiktok, select “Camera” then “60s”. On Instagram, select “Real”.
  2. Click on “Add music” (or the music note icon) and search for “Sugarsweet” (by Zach Sorgen on Tiktok). Select the start of the song (if needed).
  3. Start filming and dancing on the music (moves below). Click stop when your hands are on the camera lens.
  4. Go in front of your chosen place or choose the “green filter” and upload your picture, before starting the second part of the dance. End the video and click on the validation sign.
  5. Then you will be able to modify the clips (delete the bits you don’t want and adjust the transition with your hands on the camera…) and add the “Guess where…” phrase above you in the first part of the video. -> “Guess where I’m doing my Erasmus+!”, “Guess where I did my Erasmus+!”, “Guess where I’m going to do my Erasmus+!”, “Guess where I’d like to do my Erasmus+!”
  6. Your video is ready! Before publishing, don’t forget to write a short description about your Erasmus+ experience (activity, course, meetings…) and include the dedicated hashtags to participate in the challenge: #GuessWherasmus #ErasmusDays #ErasmusPlus
    Dance moves

Dance moves

  1. With your fingers, point upwards (to where you will then insert the sentence “Guess where…”)
  2. Shoulder movement (up and down) going to the right and then to the left
  3. Turn on yourself
  4. Waves with both hands forward to hide your camera lens
  5. Second part starts here! Start with your hands in front of the camera lens and move backwards with a wide movement to the back
  6. From the side, point to the revealed location and dance with your index finger and thumb.
  7. And we finish with the hands flat on the sides and a questioning look, to say “so did you guess?”