from October 11 - 2019

We are all important

1st Junior High School of Volos

School education

Film projection, presentation

Meetings, open houses

Original creation, conference

Round table, testimonies

Show, exhibition

Sports event, competition

Other event

Our school participates in the celebration with the general title "We are all important'' and the following events: 1.We will create an ERASMUS+ corner with photo exhibition for our Erasmus+ projects. 2.We will invite parents, pupils, teachers, and the local community, municipality representatives, journalists to our school and we will make a presentation about our previous ERASMUS + project and our new ERASMUS + projects . The students involved will present their experience from the project and the benefits they have gained. 3.A group of students will make an urban cycling with bicycles decorated with colored balloons with the logo of Erasmus+. The Erasmus team will take video and photos of it with a drone and will post it. 4. The ERASMUS+ will decorate the school with posters which will have been designed and painted with the topics of our ERASMUS+ projects. 5. All the 392 students of our School will ''write'' with their bodies the logo of ''ERASMUS +'' with a dancing event in our school yard. This event is going to be videotaped with drone. 6.Sport activities will be held with the involvement of all pupils in this special celebration of ERASMUSDAYS . All the activities will be posted on the website of the 1st Volos Gymnasium, the social networks and the local press.