from October 13 - 2022

Visions of a sustainable future

Schulzentrum Blumenthal

Vocational training

Meeting, open house, exhibition

Tags: Citizenship / civic engagement, Digital competencies ans literacy, Ecology, Health

Start time: 08:30 End time: 12:30

Our Vocational School of Health and Social Science is going to do a project on sustainability. The students put different ideas into action, like swapping clothes, up-cycling plastic and other waste, creating mini-gardens, preparing healthy vegetarian or vegan food, and rising awareness to how to reduce and avoid household waste. With these ideas they will inform other students about our impact on the climate and invite them to participate in finding solutions for a more sustainable future.

Event venue

Schulzentrum Blumenthal

Lüder Clüver Straße 10
28779, Bremen