from October 10 - 2019 to October 11 - 2019

Un pont pour l’Europe Australe – A bridge to Southern Europe

Collège Achille Grondin

School education

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KA1 project : Un pont pour l'Europe Australe - A bridge to Southern Europe - 2018-2020 The Erasmus days will be celebrated in the schools of the KA1 consortium partners on 11th October 2019 with workshops on European . But the day before, on 10th October 2019 , we will get together in La pointe Langevin, the most southern location in Europe to share ideas on European citizenship and make quizzes , to play European games, to make a photo challenge and to proceed to a waste collection around the area. We will invite senior citizens to share about their vision of Europe with the young students, to play games together and get the generations connected.

Event venue

17 rue Justinien Vitry