from October 13 - 2022

The day of dr. Jože Toporišič

OŠ dr. Jožeta Toporišiča Dobova

School education

Meeting, open house, exhibition

Tags: Citizenship / civic engagement, Culture & heritage, Digital competencies ans literacy

Start time: 07:30 End time: 12:00

We are organizing round table "Memories of the uncle", visit to Toporišič's homestead and participation in 14 various workshops are activities to bring our students closer to Dr. Jože Toporišič, strengthen interconnection and belonging to the school, place, country. We are working closely with the local community, the Tourist Association of Kapela and Dobova and the municipality of Brežice.

Event venue

OŠ dr. Jožeta Toporišiča Dobova

Kapelska cesta 25
8250, Dobova