from October 16 – 2020

Together with ERASMUS+

Obchodni akademie a Vyssi odborna skola Pribram

School education

Conferences, presentations, round tables


Film projection

Online conferences, meetings and webinar

Tags: Apprenticeship, Culture & heritage, Health, Solidarity

The aim of this project day is to share our experience with ERASMUS+ projects KA1 and KA2. Participants of KA1 vocational stays in the UK and Germany will present their experience in the form of presentations, picture exhibition, videos and discussion. Participants of the projects KA2 will present their experience in the the form of workshops. We also will organise an online konference with our foreign partners.
Countries involved in our projects are Germany, Greece, France, Finland, Sweden, Malta, Austria, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Latvia.

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We are involved in various projects related to vocational stays (KA1) and KA2 focusing on social, culture, financial and media literacy, as well as active citizenship and politics.

Event venue

Na Příkopech 104, 261 01 Pribram 1, Czech Republic
261 01, Pribram