from October 14 -2021 to to October 16 - 2021

Tintin4Climate – Welcome to the course!

Asociación de Periodistas de Información Medioambiental

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Tags: Distance learning, Ecology

We are happy to announce our online course of environmental journalism, for secondary-school students. It has been created by the Association of Environmental Information Journalists (APIA), the Centre for Educational Technology of Tallin University (TLU), together with coordinator MyDocumenta and all the project partners.
The course will be open to everyone, and will be piloted at 6 schools (EE, LV, NL, ES).
During the Erasmus Days 2021, we will publish our teasers. Follow us on social media to keep updated!

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The Tintin project will create an open-access online course of environmental journalism for secondary-school students, teaching them about climate change, misconceptions and fake news.

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