from October 15- 2021 to October 16 - 2021

The Youths Are Against The Stereotypes

Soma Açı College

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Tags: Culture & heritage, Social Inclusion

Start time: 13:00 End time: 13:20

The Whole World Children Are Against The Stereotypes

Each country has own stereotypes: Sexual Discrimination, Occupational discrimination, trites, superstition and so on...

Todays' youth going to chance it. And build a world that everybody is equal, and not exluded ones.

This challenge will start in Turkey and spread to the world.

FUTURES IS OURS. The Youths the only one can change it.

Discover the Erasmus + project of this organization:

The children makes interwievs and questionnaries about to learn public's stereotypes, and they will show them how truly they wrong. They bring the ones that brakes the stereotypes and introduce them.

Event venue

Soma Açı College

Hürriyet Mahallesi, Rüzgar Sokak: 13 Soma Açı Koleji. 45000
45500, Manisa