from October 16 – 2020 to October 17 – 2020

The Gender impact of Covid-19 Emergency: HERstory

European Law and Gender Project (ELaN, JMO Action 2019-2022)

Higher education


Online testimonies, exhibitions

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Tags: Health, Social Inclusion, Solidarity

Our event will be held on the 15-16-17 october 2020. It will involve online testimonies about HERstory: women facing Covid-19 pandemic, its consequences and impact on gender issues as well as their everyday lives, work, health and motherhood. The emergency told throughout different voices from different women, framing the picture of a new challenging reality. In addition, we will welcome a “Comment&Share” forum, to foster exchanges and opinions about all the relatable topics

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The “European Law and Gender” action (ELaN) addresses the topic of the law of gender relations within the European legal order. It identifies relevant principles, regulations, and good practices.

Event venue

University of Pisa

Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza Pisa, Via del Collegio Ricci n. 10
56100, Pisa