from October 13 - 2022

Sharing good practices under the Erasmus+ Program, KA2

19 High school "Elin Pelin"

School education

Meeting, open house, exhibition

Tags: Citizenship / civic engagement

Start time: 13:30 End time: 15:30

We will arrange a meeting of high school students with a presentation of students who took part in mobility of the project "YES Europe III - Young people in education and studies working and living in Europe" project,KA2, co-financed by the "Erasmus +" program, in Belgium, May 2022.We are planning to invite principals, teachers, and representatives from the Ministry of education, the Regional inspectorate of education- Sofia city, and the local community. The event celebrates the program’s success at our school and showcases the benefits of it

Event venue

19 High school "Elin Pelin"

Yakov Kraikov 16 street
1606, Sofia