from October 09 - 2023 to October 10 - 2023 to October 11 - 2023 to October 12 - 2023 to October 13 - 2023 to October 14 - 2023

Save Environment with 3R’s

Seminarul Teologic Ortodox ,,Sf. Ioan Gura de Aur''

School education

Conference, presentation, round table

Meeting, open house, exhibition

Testimonies, meetings, open house

Tags: Citizenship / civic engagement, Culture & heritage, Ecology, Inclusion & diversity

Start time: 10:00 End time: 13:00

We will organize a conference, a presentation about the changes made by the Erasmus+KA210 project ,,Save Environment with 3R's'' on students and teachers' lives, its impact and results. Also, an exhibition will be organized in each partner school.

Event venue

Seminarul Teologic Ortodox ,,Sf. Ioan Gura de Aur''

735100, Husi