from October 14 - 2022

Safema project online workshop on “Covid 19 and midwifery” organised by ReadLab

Research Innovation and Development Lab, ReadLab

Higher education

Online conference, webinar, Facebook live

Tags: Health

Start time: 10:00 End time: 11:00

In the context of the project 'SafeMa: Education Hubs for Excellence in Midwifery', co-funded by the Erasmus+ Higher Education-International Capacity Building programme with reference number: 598946-EPP-1-2018-1-VN-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP, ReadLab is organising the online workshop ‘Covid-19 and midwifery’.
Interested parties from EU and Asian countries will be invited to learn more about the following topics:
- Midwifery during Covid-19: Giving birth at Home,
- How Covid-19 has enhanced breastfeeding,
- Mothercare and Covid-19: Mental Health issues.

Event venue


Ymittoy 233
116 32, Athens