from October 13 - 2022

Sa die de Erasmus

Istituto Comprensivo Fonni e Mamoiada

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Start time: 08:30 End time: 16:30

Fonni- Mamoiada kindergarten and primary school organize: "A Finnish school day" . We want to schedule our school day as a Finnish school with 45 minutes of lesson, plus 15 minutes of movement break for every hour.
We shall all walk to school regardless of the weather; we will stay in class without shoes, just like Finnish pupils do; in all the classes we will explain what Erasmus is and what we experienced in Finland, throug engaging activities. Secondary school: "Erasmus trip"
Let's design and create a European corner in our school.

Event venue

Fonni and Mamoiada schools

Via Don Burrai 1
08023 - 08024, Fonni e Mamoiada