from October 15 – 2020

RESIFARMS: Good for nature is good for farming (online webinar)

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Tags: Ecology

Online webinar about the E+ project Resifarms. 14:00 CET. Duration: 1 hour
Farmland represents 40% of EU land. Agriculture can sustain high levels of biodiversity and be highly productive, but if managed too aggressively, it can pollute and degrade the environment. There's a well-known synergy between agricultural production and environment conservation but it is still scarcely applied. We are preparing a toolkit and training sessions for farmers and technicians of Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic and Romania to build up their skills.

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We're creating a toolkit and training sessions to help farmers and agricultural technicians on how to get the best of the synergy between agricultural production and farmland biodiversity conservation

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17421, Riudarenes