from October 10 - 2019

Putopisi sa Erasmusa (Erasmus journals)

Alumni organization of the Faculty of Philology (Alumni Filološkog fakulteta), University of Belgrade

Higher education

Meetings, open houses

Round table, testimonies

The event will be an exchange between those who have participated in Erasmus, both students, teachers and staff from the Faculty of Philology (University of Belgrade). They will first share their experiences with the programme and how Erasmus has improved their careers and changed their life. The stories will be accompanied by photos that the participants took on Erasmus. After that, the representatives from the Alumni organization of the Faculty will present all the current opportunities for students to go on Erasmus. Then, students from the audience will have the opportunity to chat with the participants, ask questions and exchange ideas.

Event venue

Studentski trg 3
11000, Belgrade