from October 15 – 2020 to to October 17 – 2020

Public presentation, information for all students at school

Obchodní akademie a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky, Liberec, Šamánkova 500/8, příspěvková organizace

Higher education

Conferences, presentations, round tables

Tags: Culture & heritage, Distance learning

We will provide all information about Erasmus at the educational fair - Educa (Liberec). We will also inform our students about the history of Erasmus at our school by quize, decoration...

Discover the Erasmus + project of this organization:

We have two projects accepted by EU. One is for students who can go abroad for their internship. The other one is for teachers. They can study English abroad and to improve their skills.

Event venue

Šamánkova 500/8
46001, Liberec