from October 14 -2021

PROJECTS FAIR EXHIBITION/ “Strengthening capacity, empowering community”- The case of Erasmus+ projects at UV

University of Vlora " Ismail Qemali"

Higher education


Tags: Alumni, Apprenticeship, Distance learning, Ecology, Economy, Other, Social Inclusion

Start time: 10:30 End time: 12:30

The activity will provide a showcase of the Erasmus+ project in implementation by University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali” (UV). The main purpose of this exhibition is to promote and to disseminate the projects activities, goals and outcomes; to bring together the youth, citizens, media and local stakeholders and insuring their engagement in the projects implementation as well as to raise awareness to the community regarding the great benefits and impact of these projects towards fulfilling several community’s needs.

Event venue

Rectorate building

Lagjia Pavarsia
9400, Vlore