from October 11 - 2019

Polaroïd Experience 2 : Europe for the Climate

Collège Albert Camus

School education

Other event

We proposed to our European partners (KA2 and KA1) to celebrate Europe during the ErasmusDay 2019 friday 11 october 2019. This is the second season of the Polaroid Experience: if last year the students had posed in a Polaroid setting with a message related to migration, this year it will be about delivering a message in favour of the Climate according to the new KA2 Projetc EHP19/21. Each country will deliver its own message in Polaroid format. The images will be exchanged between students via eTwinning and then distributed within schools and through our communication tools (websites, Facebook page...).

Event venue

46 avenue Jean Jaurès
10600, La Chapelle Saint-Luc