from October 13 - 2022


Direzione Didattica III Circolo Luigi Pirandello

School education

Meeting, open house, exhibition

Testimonies, meetings, open house

Other event

Tags: Digital competencies ans literacy, Ecology, Health, Inclusion & diversity

Start time: 09:45 End time: 09:18

Erasmus is something worth celebrating.
Erasmus is something that brings new things into your life.
Erasmus is something with which you create a better tomorrow.
Erasmus gives you knowledge, experience, and wisdom.
Erasmus is love and care.
Erasmus enriching lives, opening minds.
Little people are learning from each other.
Teachers from all the partner countries will share their ERASMUS experiences.

Event venue

Butaland Preschools

Visättravägen 51, Huddinge 141 50
141 45, Huddinge, Stockholm