from October 17 – 2020

No Country Is An Island

Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore A. M. De' Liguori

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On October 16, the De’ Liguori Institute will be organizing the second appointment with the Erasmus+ project ‘From Columbus to Atlantis’ which will be travelling towards the centre of the world with the aim of overcoming the obstacles caused by Covid-19.
The event will involve students, teachers and parents all united under the motto ‘no country is an island’ in order to share all the activities and mobilities carried out during the first two years of the project.

Discover the Erasmus + project of this organization:

We want our students to investigate how the world has shrunk, and even despite Brexit, regionalisation in Italy and Spain no country is an island but our students our need to think globally.

Event venue

Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore A. M. De' Liguori

via S. Antonio Abate, 32
82019, San'Agata de' Goti