from October 14 -2021 to to October 16 - 2021

Multilingual Glossary Relay for Cultural Heritage

Liceo Scientifico Statale Giancarlo Siani

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Tags: Culture & heritage, Social Inclusion

Start time: 08:00 End time: 14:00

The event is aims to present the Erasmus project "Storytelling Ancient Roman Traces up to Europe"and its intellectual outputs by testimonies, stories and a multilingual relay to implement a glossary of cultural heritage.
The twitter platform will be used to launch a term of cultural heritage in Italian and English. This term may be re-twitted in other languages.
So it’s possible implementing collaboratively a multilingual glossary of Cultural Heritage promoting intercultural communication and social cohesion.

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St.A.R.T.UPtoEU (Storytelling Ancient Roman Traces up to Europe) is a Strategic Partnership to enhance Cultural Heritage and consolidate the European multicultural identity starting from Roman traces.

Event venue

Liceo Scientifico Giancarlo Siani

viale Europa 269
81031, AVERSA (CE)