from October 15 – 2020 to October 16 – 2020

Math Trails in School Curriculum and Educational Environments of Europe – Starter Trail

Goethe University Frankfurt

Higher education

Online games and e-sport tournament

Social media contests and challenges

Tags: Culture & heritage, Distance learning

Get to know MaSCE³, MathCityMap and Europe from a mathematical perspective. With our trails to be solved via Smartphone, you can take a European journey through our projects and the mathematics of our European partnership. Interested? Just download the smartphone app MathCityMap ( and join a session via code:

Thursday, October 15th (14-15.30 CEST): s191180
Friday, October 16th (14-15.30 CEST): s451181

We are looking forward to welcoming you! :)

Discover the Erasmus + project of this organization:

MaSCE³ stands for „Math Trails in School, Curriculum and Educational Environments of Europe“ and is co-founded by the European Union. It is part of the Erasmus+ Programme.

Event venue

60325, Frankfurt