from October 14 - 2022

“Let’s teach the children the way they learn”

Primary school with resource center "Idnina"-Skopje

School education

Concert, festival, film projection

Tags: Inclusion & diversity

The event is conceived as a promotion of a film projection which will be a collection of images and video recordings from 5 mobilities, 3 trainings, activities from the dissemination from 2 realized projects financed by the Erasmus+ program. Testimonies from the participants on how mobility and training have helped them in their daily work, will be included. Our topic is connected with the goals of the projects innovative solution in special education. The projection will be published on 14.10.2022 on facebook live and one national television.

Event venue

Primary school with resource center "Idnina"-Skopje

bul. Vtora Makedonska brigada n.3, Chair municipality
1000, Skopje