from October 14 -2021 to to October 16 - 2021

“Let’s Play Together”

Vehbi Dai Primary School

School education

Online games and e-sport tournament

Social media contests and challenges


Tags: Other, Social Inclusion

Start time: 09:00 End time: 16:00

We will do a KAhoot activity with our ınstagram followers (parents,students,teachers etc.) . We will share some traditional places,foods of Spain until Erasmus Days. Then we will make a contest about our sharing.
Also we will do some game based learning activities in our school with our students and teachers.

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Within our project; we intend for our stududent to have fun while learning, improve their social, cognitive, psychomotor developments by integrating games that are essential to the children aged 7-11.

Event venue

Vehbi Dai Primary School

Barak, 7 Nolu Cd., 27100 Şahinbey/Gaziantep
27100, Gaziantep