from October 15 - 2022

“Le Semmering” à Paris

Tourismusschulen Semmering

School education

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Tags: Citizenship / civic engagement, Other

The organization of a gala dinner event is intended as a follow-up to the partner school exchange with STELO FORMATION CEFAA VILLEPINTE PARIS in Paris. 
At the end of September some students of the tourism schools Semmering are visiting Paris. In order to review the impressions of the activity and to carry on the gastronomic interculturality, an event will be organized at the Tourism Schools Semmering. The students will welcome the invited guests with an aperitif and then enchant them as cooks and service staff with a French 4-course menu.

Event venue

Tourismusschulen Semmering

Hochstraße 37
2680, Semmering