from October 10 - 2019 to October 11 - 2019

Le lycée Europe célèbre les Erasmus days

Lycée Europe-R. Schuman 39, avenue de l'Europe 49300 CHOLET

School education

Original creation, conference

On October 10-11, the school screens will show the Erasmus Days logo Hopefully, a short video about the EU and made by our 1rst year high school Europro students will also be shown on the screens. A European meal will be offered at the school cafeteria with Erasmus days posters on the walls. A press conference will be held during the Erasmus Days to celebrate the recent nomination of our school as EUROSCHOL, rewarding our international and European strategy. It will also be an opportunity to highlight our recent selection in BONNE PRATIQUE for our Erasmus Mobility Project in higher education.

Event venue

39, avenue de l'Europe
49300, CHOLET