from October 14 -2021

International mobility in social work: an asset for the training course


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Start time: 14:00 End time: 17:00

IRTS HDF is organising a meeting on 14 October 2021 (2pm to 5pm) for its students.
International mobility in social work will be discussed, in particular in a practical way: how to prepare one's study or internship project, or one's professional integration abroad.
The afternoon will feature presentations from CRIJ HDF and the International Pole of IRTS, video projections to illustrate collective mobilities already carried out by former students, testimonials from IRTS’ students who have already experienced mobilities abroad.

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YARIM is a training project for social workers working with young people on the management of religious issues and the prevention of radicalisation.

Event venue

IRTS HDF Site Arras

5 rue Maurice Schuman - BP 20755
62031, Arras