from October 11 - 2019

Hertha goes Europe – wir laufen für Europa! – Charity Run

Elternverein der Hertha Firnbergschulen für Wirtschaft und Tourismus

School education

Sports event, competition

For the second time students and teachers again put on their running shoes and together start to run for a good cause! Under our motto "Hertha goes Europe - we run for Europe!" printed on t-shirts of all our runners, around 60 people participate in the AKH-Krebsforschungslauf, which fights against cancer, on the 5th october 2019. To celebrate this charity-event the certificate handover takes place on the #erasmusdays on 11th october 2019 at our school to celebrate the participation and our erasmus-project. [picture: charity-run participation last year, picture by A.Netouschek]

Event venue

Firnbergplatz 1
1220, Vienna