from October 16 – 2020

Healthy Mind 4 Healthy Life

Direzione Didattica Ottavo Circolo

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Tags: Health, Social Inclusion

Pupils at Ottavo Circolo will be trained and asked to celebrate the values of the Erasmus Project HOW HEALTHY ARE YOU? creating slogans, acrostics, artcrafts and every creative products inspiring positive attitudes, resilience,healthy habits to grow a positive mindset. On Erasmus Day they will show their gallery both on site and online, sharing the outcomes with the Erasmus partners

Discover the Erasmus + project of this organization:

SCHOOL partnership: Spain, UK (Wales , England), Turkey, Italy (PC, Co)to sensitise students in all aspects of health,mainly mental,physical,environmental aspects, with impact on families and town

Event venue

Primary schools Don Minzoni and Carella- Ottavo Circolo, Piacenza

Direzione Didattica Ottavo Circolo via Don Minzoni, 39-
29122, Piacenza